A Hundred Cupcakes on a Cupcake Tower

Here's how a cupcake tower with 100 pieces of cupcakes look like.
Total of eight tiers with extra spacing for flowers.

This event is a combination of wedding and mother's birthday, it is actually a gift from my customer.
Therefore, you see the combination of longevity peach, peony and the Chinese character for "Double Happiness"

The large peonies are artificial fabric ones.
Loving the idea and look of using fabric flowers for cupcakes tiers.

A tutorial of a mini peony for cupcakes.
I'm also starting to like this format of presenting tutorials which is common now in Facebook and Pinterest.
One look and you can immediately see the sequence of steps instead of scrolling down to get the whole picture. I'm limiting them to 5 steps...I love working with limitations. :)

My cupcake class handouts have these 5-step tutorials too. 
All the easier for my cupcake students to continue their self-learning at their own pace.
I think that's what I will call them in future...my "5-step tutorials". 


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