Fresh Flowers for a Cake, plus Basketweave Tutorial

One of my regular customer loves combining cakes with fresh flowers.
These are fresh gerbera daisies on top of a fondant basketweave cake, looking like a basket of flowers. 
The basket handle in not edible. Just detach it from a real basket and wrap it with ribbon, do the necessary coating with chocolate or aluminium foil and poke it into the cake.

Two lengths of fondant strips to make fondant basketweave.

One long vertical strip followed by a few horizontal strips.

Another long vertical strip... 

...followed by more horizontal strips, join them from the gap between the 2 verticals.

Third vertical and more horizontals.

In the end, you have a basketweave cake. 

The 'rope' made by twisting 2 long rolled fondant "____________". Is there a term for this?

Position the rope for top and bottom borders.

This is a professionally arranged bouquet by a florist.
When ordering, just let the florist know the intended use and you will get the perfect arrangement size.

Here's how they do it.
Flowers remain fresh and no water getting on the cake.

Attaching the bouquet on the cake.

Good for Mother's Day too!

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