The Croquembouche - Part 2

The Croquembouche is a traditional French wedding cake made from Profiteroles (a Choux Paste product filled with Pastry Cream), assembled into a cone shaped tower.

Specially made for Kelly and Kenny on their Christmas day wedding at 
Kinta Riverfront Hotel. Ipoh.

I used chocolate ganache with a ration of 2:1, chocolate to whipping cream and assembled on-site.
A few points to note:
1) allocate a minimum of 1 hour for assembly as each profiterole must be individually brushed with ganache at the bottom and around the side so that they could hold on to the cone and to the adjoining pieces around it.
2) work fast, as the ganache would harden once exposed in the air-conditioned room and be difficult to brush on. The smaller the room, the faster the hardening process. Diluting the ganache recipe is not recommended as we need to ensure it sticks firmly to the cone.
 3) prepare towels and wipes to catch dripping ganache during brushing.
4) a croquembouche this size would comfortably feed 100 guests. 

How to assemble croquembouche using a cone can be found here.

Two love birds on top, 
and decorated with fondant roses in purple, pink and red. 

I take this opportunity to wish my readers a Happy New Year 2014,
 may all good things from 2013 flow into the new year. 
And as always, to continue learning and growing.
Special thanks to my customers for the challenge and trust,
new and old partners to share in my love for the F&B industry, 
two helpful and capable students turned assistants,
and new students in my ever growing cupcake classes. 


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