Further customization of wedding cakes can be made by using monograms, initials or names of bride and groom.

Assembled a collage of all three types using different techniques.

This is using a tissue paper technique that is used for cookies.
You can find the tutorial on my cookie blog following the tutorial from sweetambs.

Freehand drawing.
Added some hearts, swirls, flowers and silver dragees.

The monogram VS provided by the bride.
Added some swirls as complement.

Cute G&V...chose this simple and cute technique because can't think of another that would go well with the design.

Monogram is royal iced and attached to a plaque when dried. 

Same technique of royal iced monogram as above.

White on white.
Elegant and discreet.

Gum paste cutouts and embedded with dragees.

Another gum paste and dragees embedded monogram.

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