Frill Frilly Bubble Bubbly

A wedding cake for of Phei Lin and Jun Hoe at 
Royal China Restaurant.

The combination of frills and bubbles spells FUN.
Plus a bride and groom topper with their furkid.
And the latest craze of wafer paper...my version of peony.

All sits on top of a cake measuring 6+8+12inch diameter.
The odd 12 inch size taking into consideration the number of guests. 

Frills taking shape.
Refer below on how to make frills.

Roll a strip of fondant + gumpaste (or CMC) one inch thick, 
using the Wilton small rolling pin with the purple (1/8inch thick) guide.

Place it on a foam and using the edge of the rolling pin to press and slide, intention is to thin the fondant at the edges. The black lines show you have to start at the center of the strip, and move in a curved position, do this from one end of the strip to the other end. The unfrilled area is where you attach it to the cake. After attaching, you can manipulate the frills with fingers to get a neat look.  

Four different sizes of bubbles made from fondant. 
The smallest size are attached 'floating'.
That's my formula for bubbles.

The process of the topper.
I made the bride hug the dog and the groom hug the bride.

My wafer paper peony.
A separate tutorial on this soon.

Off to Royal China we go.

A stall filled with sweets and pastries by the Chef at Royal China.

A photobooth beside it.

Photobooth props for the guests to hold.

Paper Pom-Poms...looking like my Wafer Paper Peony and frills.
Then I had to write a "FB press release" claiming innocence.  


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