A New Take on the Castle Cake. (hey, it rhymes!)

For a bride named Violet, who likes staircase effects on cakes, the groom Dai, who likes castle cakes, and they both met through their love for wine.
Even their wedding venue is at

This cake has a combination of all the things they like; 
castle, staircase, violet roses, vines, and wine glasses as toppers. 
The more information I can get, the more personalised the cake can be.

A draft of their cake and some paper templates for the latest style of flat gumpaste cutouts where you can assemble on the cake when they have dried and hardened. 
Cake Masters Magazine, August 2015 issue, has a tutorial featuring
Tuscan Illusion Cake Tutorial, by Nasa Mala Zavrzlama.

Only two templates are needed for the two different shapes,
 and the length can be adjusted as you go along.

Some painting done when dried.

Attaching using royal icing.
The height can still be adjusted during this stage, 
"adapt as you see fit". That should be my new tagline.

The making of the vine.
The size of the grapes should be made to compliment the size of the leaf cutter.

Dusted and tied.

Assembling the vines and roses (made using 5-petal cutter technique).

Dressed a pair of Champagne glasses using ribbons, petals of fabric flowers, laces and etc. (some items I dont even know the names, but you can source all of them at the sewing/hand craft shops). 

When buying the glassware, keep in mind the diameter of the top cake.
Then they will be a good fit.
Topper to be assembled at venue, and off course the couple get to keep them.


Create a Monogram by Printing and using Royal Icing

A design repeated for the third time.
Techniques used are air-brushing, monogram,
ruffles and brush embroidery.

Introducing two techniques that I have improvised,
the monogram and air-brushing of the top tier.

To create any monogram, print out the letters from your computer.
Choose a suitable font, you can also find and download them online.
Use royal icing meduim consistency, test out (Testing Stage) on a piece of transparency film (greased with shortening for easy removal when dry).
Stage 1: Pipe the first letter, and slide it over the second letter.
Stage 2: Pipe the second letter.
Leave to dry overnight.

For alternative types of monograms, link to my previous post here.

For quick colouring of tiers, I made a collar from grease-proof paper.
So when you air-brush the top tier, it will not affect the bottom tier.

Cut away the collar when done and leave to dry.

Benefits of air-brushing tiers by using collars include time saving and reduce the use of energy needed in kneading colours into ready made fondant. Unless you make your own fondant using mixer, then off course you can colour them as you make them.

Stay tuned to more adventures of air-brushing of tiers using different colours 
and new discoveries along the way.  
A link to my FB page for updates on this technique.


A Fairytale Castle Cake

Constructing a fairytale castle cake, 
just in time to coincide with the release of Disney's Cinderella movie.

A 3-tier, 
starting from the bottom 10inch, 8inch and 6inch cake,
topped with a topper, 4x2inch dummy and a hollowed tower.

A closer look at the tower, and a doorway added.

Make as many turrets as needed, plus extras.
Make two of them are slightly longer for the top.

Arches are added, a clearer picture at the bottom.

Two lace designs from moulds are used, 
in between is stiff sugar lace, achieved by mistakenly baking at a slightly higher temparature than required or for a slightly longer time than needed...note: good things come from mistakes.
Blossoms are from the Wilton blossom cutter, comes in 2 sizes, among of my favourite tools.

Repeat this set of design, or whatever set you can come up with
all around the 3 tiers. 

Two more hollowed towers are added at the bottom.
Additional work on turrets.

Poke the 2 longest turrent onto the dummy just to see how it would look.
The rest need to be assembled on site, because they will be poked into cake and cause wobbling during transportation.

Added more blossoms to the arches.

More details for the turrets.

Blossoms on walls as well so the arches looks blended into the walls.

That's how I work, alternating between cake and turrets so that in the end they can be in sync when placed together.

Turrets poked in on-site.

Close-up of the bottom.
The whole cake is air-brushed with Americolor Pearl Sheen, therefore the shine.

Close-up of the top.
Too much air-brushing has caused the sugar lace to soften and bend. 

When the stage lights are on.

"When there is kindness, there is goodness,
And when there is goodness, there is magic!"
                                                 Cinderella 2015


Liverpool FC Fans, You'll Never Walk Alone!

A highly customised wedding cake for a couple who are Liverpool FC fans.

Liverpool FC colours, scarf, logo, slogan...plus the bride and groom topper dressed in tradional Malay costume in Liverpool colours.
The whole cake screams "LIVERPOOL FC"!

Here's how to make the logo from gumpaste.
You will need to print out the logo in the exact size that will fit on the cake, bottom right.
Roll out the gumpaste in the three Liverpool colours. 

Cut out the printed out paper logo.
Place it on the white gumpaste, then trace and cut out the outline.

Further separate the red and green parts of the paper, 
place them on the respective coloured gumpaste 
and cut on the gumpaste using an exacto knife. 

This is what you will get when you assemble the cut out pieces.

Transfered onto cake.

Add on the scarf.

Getting back to the logo,
All lines are piped with royal icing.
It gives a 3D look instead of using edible image logo.

The bride and groom in traditional Malay costume.
Colours and design to match the whole theme cake.
Not according to bride and groom costume on that day though.
The selendang (headscarf) is made from sugarlace.

Cool couple!
The wordings surrounding the top tier,
"You'll Never Walk Alone",
the Liverpool FC slogan.
So very appropriate for a wedding cake.
GO Liverpool FC!*

*cheer from a "non-football but can make football cake" fan.


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