Liverpool FC Fans, You'll Never Walk Alone!

A highly customised wedding cake for a couple who are Liverpool FC fans.

Liverpool FC colours, scarf, logo, slogan...plus the bride and groom topper dressed in tradional Malay costume in Liverpool colours.
The whole cake screams "LIVERPOOL FC"!

Here's how to make the logo from gumpaste.
You will need to print out the logo in the exact size that will fit on the cake, bottom right.
Roll out the gumpaste in the three Liverpool colours. 

Cut out the printed out paper logo.
Place it on the white gumpaste, then trace and cut out the outline.

Further separate the red and green parts of the paper, 
place them on the respective coloured gumpaste 
and cut on the gumpaste using an exacto knife. 

This is what you will get when you assemble the cut out pieces.

Transfered onto cake.

Add on the scarf.

Getting back to the logo,
All lines are piped with royal icing.
It gives a 3D look instead of using edible image logo.

The bride and groom in traditional Malay costume.
Colours and design to match the whole theme cake.
Not according to bride and groom costume on that day though.
The selendang (headscarf) is made from sugarlace.

Cool couple!
The wordings surrounding the top tier,
"You'll Never Walk Alone",
the Liverpool FC slogan.
So very appropriate for a wedding cake.
GO Liverpool FC!*

*cheer from a "non-football but can make football cake" fan.


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