A Fairytale Castle Cake

Constructing a fairytale castle cake, 
just in time to coincide with the release of Disney's Cinderella movie.

A 3-tier, 
starting from the bottom 10inch, 8inch and 6inch cake,
topped with a topper, 4x2inch dummy and a hollowed tower.

A closer look at the tower, and a doorway added.

Make as many turrets as needed, plus extras.
Make two of them are slightly longer for the top.

Arches are added, a clearer picture at the bottom.

Two lace designs from moulds are used, 
in between is stiff sugar lace, achieved by mistakenly baking at a slightly higher temparature than required or for a slightly longer time than needed...note: good things come from mistakes.
Blossoms are from the Wilton blossom cutter, comes in 2 sizes, among of my favourite tools.

Repeat this set of design, or whatever set you can come up with
all around the 3 tiers. 

Two more hollowed towers are added at the bottom.
Additional work on turrets.

Poke the 2 longest turrent onto the dummy just to see how it would look.
The rest need to be assembled on site, because they will be poked into cake and cause wobbling during transportation.

Added more blossoms to the arches.

More details for the turrets.

Blossoms on walls as well so the arches looks blended into the walls.

That's how I work, alternating between cake and turrets so that in the end they can be in sync when placed together.

Turrets poked in on-site.

Close-up of the bottom.
The whole cake is air-brushed with Americolor Pearl Sheen, therefore the shine.

Close-up of the top.
Too much air-brushing has caused the sugar lace to soften and bend. 

When the stage lights are on.

"When there is kindness, there is goodness,
And when there is goodness, there is magic!"
                                                 Cinderella 2015


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