Create a Monogram by Printing and using Royal Icing

A design repeated for the third time.
Techniques used are air-brushing, monogram,
ruffles and brush embroidery.

Introducing two techniques that I have improvised,
the monogram and air-brushing of the top tier.

To create any monogram, print out the letters from your computer.
Choose a suitable font, you can also find and download them online.
Use royal icing meduim consistency, test out (Testing Stage) on a piece of transparency film (greased with shortening for easy removal when dry).
Stage 1: Pipe the first letter, and slide it over the second letter.
Stage 2: Pipe the second letter.
Leave to dry overnight.

For alternative types of monograms, link to my previous post here.

For quick colouring of tiers, I made a collar from grease-proof paper.
So when you air-brush the top tier, it will not affect the bottom tier.

Cut away the collar when done and leave to dry.

Benefits of air-brushing tiers by using collars include time saving and reduce the use of energy needed in kneading colours into ready made fondant. Unless you make your own fondant using mixer, then off course you can colour them as you make them.

Stay tuned to more adventures of air-brushing of tiers using different colours 
and new discoveries along the way.  
A link to my FB page for updates on this technique.

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