A New Take on the Castle Cake. (hey, it rhymes!)

For a bride named Violet, who likes staircase effects on cakes, the groom Dai, who likes castle cakes, and they both met through their love for wine.
Even their wedding venue is at

This cake has a combination of all the things they like; 
castle, staircase, violet roses, vines, and wine glasses as toppers. 
The more information I can get, the more personalised the cake can be.

A draft of their cake and some paper templates for the latest style of flat gumpaste cutouts where you can assemble on the cake when they have dried and hardened. 
Cake Masters Magazine, August 2015 issue, has a tutorial featuring
Tuscan Illusion Cake Tutorial, by Nasa Mala Zavrzlama.

Only two templates are needed for the two different shapes,
 and the length can be adjusted as you go along.

Some painting done when dried.

Attaching using royal icing.
The height can still be adjusted during this stage, 
"adapt as you see fit". That should be my new tagline.

The making of the vine.
The size of the grapes should be made to compliment the size of the leaf cutter.

Dusted and tied.

Assembling the vines and roses (made using 5-petal cutter technique).

Dressed a pair of Champagne glasses using ribbons, petals of fabric flowers, laces and etc. (some items I dont even know the names, but you can source all of them at the sewing/hand craft shops). 

When buying the glassware, keep in mind the diameter of the top cake.
Then they will be a good fit.
Topper to be assembled at venue, and off course the couple get to keep them.


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